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Companies speak

Sexed semen as marketed by the various companies, faces some very serious drawbacks; is clear from the official websites of some of the companies marketing it. This is a typical case of the truth becoming obvious by the liar’s speak. The companies that are themselves in the marketing of it are well aware of the fact of the unreality and unpracticality of the very essence of sexed semen. We are pasting this information from the official website of ‘Accelerated Genetics’, a company into the marketing of sexed semen. The following are some of the drawbacks, enumerated by this company marketing sexed semen:

  1. Working with sexed semen is similar to working with conventional semen. However, because 1/4cc sexed semen straws contain fewer sperm cells than 1/2cc straws of conventional semen and the vitality of the semen is somewhat compromised in the sorting process, extra precaution should be taken to ensure an optimum conception rate.
  2. The conception rate of sexed semen insemination in virgin heifers is 35-40% as compared to 55-60% using conventional semen. For this reason, ACG-SS (sexed semen brand) is not recommended for use on lactating cows.
  3. Because of the smaller straw size, sexed semen straws are more sensitive to cold shock and errors in semen handling.
  4. The insemination gun is recommended for use of sexed semen due to its smaller size and sensitivity. This further limits the use of sexed semen as compared to conventional semen.
  5. So much extra care and sophistication like timing of insemination, A. I. guns, tweezers, temperature protocol, cold shock, sperm deposition just past the opening of cervix etc, is required in handling the sexed semen which further elaborates that this technology is fragile, sensitive and error laden and any smallest lapse will lead to the complete failure of technology and conception will not occur. So, for best and obvious reasons, it is advised to stay away from such an undependable and unpractical technology.

So, it is well clear that sexed semen technology is fake and unpractical. Just because it is marketed by some of the multinational giants with unlimited funds, resources and reach that it is available and touted worldwide. But this will not run for a long time. Already the farmers have become aware of the drawbacks of this technology and in spite of the termendous advertisement and lobbying with some corrupt elements in various governemnents, this technology is showing its real face to the farmers and they are increasingly turning to stay away from it.