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Comparative Status

The technologies in competiton to the Heifermate medication are basically sexed semen technologies. They are basically in vitro technologies whereas Heifermate is an in vivo technology. So, a comparison is basically not appropriate but even then when compared on the basis of relative virtues and vices, they stand nowhere as compared to Heifermate as discussed below under following headings:

  1. Drawbacks of sexed semen techniques
  2. Advantages of Heifermate over sexed semen techniques
  3. Commercial advantages of Heifermate
  1. Drawbacks of sexed semen techniques: The production of sexed semen techniques are still in the mire of controversial standing as commented by Hunter, ”Spermatozoa are haploid cells possessing only half the usual number of chromosomes for the species, and there is no evidence that haploid, as distinct from diploid cells, express their genetic constitution in surface characteristics. This being the case, it is difficult to imagine, how chemical, electrical or bio-physical separation of X or Y spermatozoa might be obtained” (Hunter, R.H.F.1982. Reproduction of Farm Animals. Longman. London.138-139. Further in the absence of any testing parameters to ascertain the accuracy of percentage separation of X or Y spermatozoa, it is it is difficult to believe the truth of separated X or Y spermatozoa as pointed by Hafez,” Experimental attempts have been hampered by the lack of laboratory tests to evaluate the degree of sperm separation” (Hafez, E.S.E.1987.Reproduction in Farm Animals. 5TH Edn . Reprint. Lea and Fabiger. Philadelphia. P 501. Some other drawbacks of the sexed semen techniques are as under:
    1. Poor conception rate
    2. Congenital defects
    3. Expensiveness
    4. Difficulty in transportation and handling
    5. Controversial standing
    We have avoided discussing these points elaborative wise as they are self explanatory and they will add a lot of undue space and over emphasis. Still, somebody wants to go into a detailed elaboration into these points, he is advised to refer to ‘Comparative status of research to existing technologies in Sex Fixing: The Dawn of a New Era by Aulakh BS, 2009. Studium Press, New Delhi. Page, 51-55’. The same rule we will follow when we discuss on the other two headings just mentioned above, as given under the following narration.
  2. Advantages of Heifermate over sexed semen techniques: Almost all drawbacks of presently used sexed semen techniques can be overcome with the application of Heifermate and superiority of this over other techniques is obvious as discussed under following headings:
    1. Un-affected conception rate
    2. Congenitally compatible
    3. Economically affordable
    4. Easy transport and handling
    5. Effectiveness
    6. Stability and optimum storage conditions