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Cure for Corona

The cure for Corona has finally arrived. Ludhiana based renowned drug discoverer B.S. Aulakh has come up with a cure for Influenza virus along with his research associate Shri R.S. Dhull. In a news article published in well known newspapaers, Daily Ajit (Punjabi), Ajit Samachar (Hindi) and Dainik Jagran (Hindi- Ludhiana City edition) on 21st of April, 2020, the scientist has detailed about a comprehensive treatment protocol for the virus. It should be kept in mind that the Corona virus is just a mutated and new variant of the Influenza virus. Just like Corona, the influenza virus has previously shown itself in various other mutated strains like Bird Flu and Swine Flu before. Even Eye-conjunctivitis is also a strain of Influenza virus. The drug discovered by BS Aulakh and his research team involves biological source of Solanum xanthocarpum. The drug active constituents include glyco-alkaloids like Solasodine, Solasonine and Solamargine etc. He also described about the dosage regimen which is about 20 mg dose of Solasodine Hydrochloride. It should be noted that all these glycol alkaloids freely interchange into one another in aqueous phase. In an alternative embodiment the 500 mg of dried, powdered ripe, unripe berries can also be used which contain approximately 20 mg of Solasodine alkaloid.

This research can be a game changer in the fight of humanity against Corona. Various governments, research institutes and pharma companies are in the race to develop a treatment for the disease but he said that this discovery of a broad spectrum anti-viral, anti-influenza drug will prove a milestone in future drug research against virus of different types and origins. Regarding this he said that he has already written to the Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi in a registered letter on 13th of March, 2020. He has sent many e-mails also regarding this after this. He has also submitted this information to Shree Arwind Kejriwal, the Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi and Captain Amarinder Singh, the Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab but till date no authority has taken note of this great development in drug discovery.

He further described at length about the futility of the vaccine development as this virus is a very fast mutating one and no vaccine can be developed against a virus which is fast mutating. So, he said that instead stress should be laid upon in discovering drug therapies like the one he has discovered. He hoped that since the drug he discovered is effective against influenza virus; so, it should also be equally effective against the Corona virus as Corona is just another mutated strain of Influenza virus only. Drug therapies are always better in this matter when compared to vaccine therapies which are strictly strain sensitive whereas drug therapies are strain independent and usually equally effective against all strains of the given virus species. Moreover, the present drug is a broad spectrum one and effective against many other virus families and genera. he reiterated that comprehensive drug trials by a government agency such as Indian Council of Medical Research should be conducted on this drug formula.

The outcome will definitely bring lot of international acclaim and prestige for the Motherland India. This will be like placing India as a world guru at least in the field of medical research, , he said he was hopeful of this.