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Existing Technologies

The existing technologies of sex fixing are basically the techniques to produce sexed semen. Sexed semen techniques are still plagues by their controversial standing such that they are not reliable, not verifiable and even theoretically they are not possible at all. This amounts to say that they are hoax. The truth is that sperms are very small micro entities and they are living cells and moreover they do not contain a dead covering like fur or hair on their bodies (infact they are too small for that). The non living covering can afford to have an electrical charge on it if it is not available in a liquid medium. Then how it can be that they are separated physically from one another depending upon their size and given that there should be a minimum threshold of weight or size differentiation between the two types of sperms; X or Y and at that the relative size of both the sperms is equal or almost near to equality, then how can be that they are separated physically from one another and also that we still do not possess those nano technic sieves that can deliver this separation. It is true that some workers have pointed out that Y chromatin is relatively smaller in size but where there is a rule in the gentic guide books that a smaller chromatin will lead to a smaller size of the organism or a spermatozoon? The spermatozoa are living cells and they have a very thin plasmalemma covering their bodies and they do exist in a liquid and aquous environment, then how can they support the existence of differential electric charge on their respective bodies. It is impossible to assume this way depending upon the nature of static or current electricity. Atleast it is difficult to believe this from the viewpoint of physics rules and principles. The sperms do not carry dead and dry structures like hair or fur on their bodies (as they exist in an aquous climate and they are too small to support such multicellular bodies), then how can they aquire electric charge on their bodies due to friction with one another and also with other bodies (dead and dry)? And they exist in wet conditions, then it is impossible to separate them electrically. For further elaboration, we will discuss this point in the heading of ‘comaparative status’ just given below.