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Heifermate is the sex fixing technology that is developed by the scientists and is currently marketed by Profem Terchnology Limited New Zealand. This is a liquid dosage drug formula that is administered to the female animal at the time of AI or natural mating and this ensures the birth of a female offspring to a greater degree. The sex ratio manipulation is upto 400 percent in the direction of female births and in a scenario of today’s dairy business where male calves are born in greater numbers to the female ones in a sex ratio which is not even a unitary one at birth and is usually 100 female births for 105 or 106 male births. This ensures nearly 94 or 95 female calves for every 100 male calves born but with the Heifermate technology in hand, we can certainly tilt this sex ratio to a level of more than 300 or 400 female calves produced or even greater at birth for every 100 male calf births.