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Humanitarian face

No to Veal

The veal industry is a blot on humanity. This is basically flourishing due to the existing of bobby (male) calf. The neo born calves are subjected to one of the most brutal killing and exterminated. Before killing, they are often starved for two to five days. Even sometimes, they are not given water to drink. The bobby calf is a burden on the dairy industry. If the birth of it can be controlled with the conceiving of a female zygote in the womb of the cow, then the more births of female calves will definitely add to the female herds in the dairy farms of farmers and they will get rid of male calves in an amicable and humanitarian way. There will be no more butchering of the neo born male calves and humanity will be freed from the sin and crime of the murder of neo-natals of Bos species (cows). The killing of someone who has just been born can not be justified on any grounds and the horrisome transporting and handling of such calves is a nightmare for anybody who becomes witness to such viewing on the scene or even in the pictures and internet. So, the advent of Heifermate will just be a beginning of an end of the sad and deplorable saga of veal trade and existence.